• For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. If Senate Democrats want to create an election system that is fair and trustworthy, and ensure that the Congress is representative of the people and not big corporations,  they must pass the For the People Act immediately. This is a turning point for our nation. There is no time to waste, and we are quickly approaching the August deadline for democracy. 
  • Passing the For the People Act is not only critical to protecting our freedom to vote and ensuring fair representation, it is critical to ensuring that we all have a say in the key decisions that impact us, from quality jobs to affordable healthcare.
  • As inequality reaches its highest levels in 50 years, and efforts to destroy democracy sweep the nation, passing the For the People Act is more critical than ever. Senate Democrats simply cannot wait any longer to act.

Getting Dark Money Out of Politics. 

  • The For the People Act creates a more inclusive and equitable democracy with provisions that ensure that our representatives represent the American people, instead of the highest bidder.
  • In the current system, taking meaningful strides on priorities issues like ending systemic racism, combating climate change, and closing the wealth gap is an uphill battle because corporations and wealthy donors can spend millions upon millions to skew government policy and inhibit progress.
  • The For the People Act would ensure our democracy is powered by the people by reducing corporate dark money in politics, balancing out the power of monied interests, and creating a more equitable field for women and working class people who want to run for office. 

Ending Partisan Gerrymandering. 

  • The For the People Act will ensure that our elected leaders serve the public. There are currently very few limits on how politicians draw congressional districts, which means they divide us into districts serving their political interests instead of our communities’ needs. Political gerrymandering has allowed Republicans to pick and choose their voters to protect their majority, tear apart our neighborhoods for a decade, and further the disenfranchisement of communities of color for far too long. Lawmakers must pass the For the People Act to ensure that our communities can thrive for the next ten years and beyond. 

Protecting the Freedom to Vote.

  • We need to ensure the freedom to vote for all Americans to have our vote counted and voice heard.
  • Republicans have been passing state legislation that attacks our freedom to vote for many years. This year, they have ramped up their efforts to silence voters by spreading lies about an election that trusted officials conducted and verified. The For the People Act will combat the blatant attempts to erect barriers to vote by making voting options equally accessible to Americans across all 50 states.