Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope, a 501(c)(4) organization, is part of the nationwide Indivisible movement to save democracy.

We focus on identifying specific actions so that members can participate in consistent, sustained action directed at effecting change. We seek to protect the progress we've made towards greater equality and respect for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or class.

We will address critical issues including environmental protection, access to affordable healthcare, economic equality, LGBTQ rights, immigration, racial justice, freedom of the press, and fighting the misuse of power.

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Saturday, May 8th, 2-4 PM!  Join the John Lewis Voter Advancement Day Votercade

TRUTH BRIGADE: Let the News Be the News
To amplify the Truth Brigade message this week tweet this message using your own 1st sentence to personalize the message or using the suggestions below the message:

We rely on the news to understand our biggest issues. But when they cover conspiracies more than climate, they reward dangerous groups who thrive on attention. @AC360 and @NewDay, please #LetNewsBeTheNews & focus more on the climate crisis, less on conspiracies! #TruthBrigade #TruthBrigade #CorrectTheRecord

Here are some ways you could personalize the first sentence:

Journalism helps me understand our country’s challenges.
I trust CNN to keep me informed.
In my house, we watch a lot of CNN!

The Pennsylvania municipal and judicial primaries are now just over one week away, so please take a minute to request your vote-by-mail ballot NOW if that's how you plan to vote this year. Even if you voted by mail last year, you'll need to reapply by May 11th if you plan to do so again for the 2021 elections. Voting by mail is easy, so don't wait to request your ballot and make your plan to vote in the upcoming May 18 primary. You can request your absentee or mail-in ballot and request email updates by visiting www.BucksVotes.com. Choose the annual mail-in request option to automatically receive a ballot for the Primary and General Election. Important local and county races are on the ballot and you can learn more about candidates at https://bucksdemocrats.org/candidates/. You can also track your ballot at https://bucksdemocrats.org/mailballotstatus

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Be an Ally – Support Black Lives Matter

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