Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope, a 501(c)(4) organization, is part of the nationwide Indivisible movement to defend democracy.

We focus on identifying specific actions so that members can participate in consistent, sustained action directed at effecting change. We seek to protect the progress we've made towards greater equality and respect for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or class.

We will address critical issues including environmental protection, access to affordable healthcare, economic equality, LGBTQ rights, immigration, racial justice, freedom of the press, and fighting the misuse of power.

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We are facing a make-or-break moment for S. 1, the For The People Act. To help build momentum for the Deadline for Democracy recess, we're asking Indivisibles everywhere to pledge to make a call every day from June 21 through June 25, the week that Majority Leader Schumer will attempt to bring bring S. 1 to a vote. Each day, we'll send you everything you need to call your senators -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- and make sure they know that the American people need them to act urgently now to pass the For The People Act, without letting the filibuster get in the way. Take the pledge to make a call every day, and tell our senators to pass real, inclusive democracy reform now. No excuses. View tailored scripts for calling Senators about the For the People Act and Filibuster.