Our Mission

Indivisible Lambertville NJ / New Hope PA educates and unites citizens in actions that support the values espoused by the organization. We will fight all policies that are oppressive, exclusionary, and marginalizing.  

Our Vision

Indivisible Lambertville NJ / New Hope PA seeks to provide our membership and our community with resources and opportunities that will enhance and encourage ​sustained engagement in all levels of government and democracy.

Our Values

Indivisible Lambertville NJ / New Hope PA holds 12 key values: democracy, equity, inclusivity, ethics, innovation, respect, social justice, economic opportunity, educational, stewardship of the earth, integrity, and truth.


Our Candidate Endorsement Policy

In January 2017, our community was formed with three primary goals: Resist. Elect. Respect. As we enter the thick of the upcoming political races - especially those to replace our Republican Congressmen in both CD7 and CD8 - the Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope Leadership team and the board have established a policy regarding organizational endorsements of candidates who are running for office.

Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope (ILNH) will not endorse any candidate until after the primaries in May (PA) and June (NJ). Once a candidate is known, if that candidate has committed to stand by the values we share, then and only then will the organization issue an endorsement.

ILNH will allow volunteers to post information in our communication channels about events such as meet-and-greets, forums, etc., where individuals can learn more about the candidates. However, this does not include promotional messages or encouragement to vote for a particular candidate until ILNH makes a decision on endorsements following the outcomes of the primaries.

Apart from ILNH channels, members are welcome to post resources, information and opinions in their own social channels. We want to make clear that the posts by individuals on their personal pages do not represent ILNH. ILNH thrives as a community when members respect differing viewpoints and celebrate our collective passion and enthusiasm. Learn as much as you can, get involved in work that inspires you, and commit to work with integrity to Resist, Elect, Respect.