Our Mission

It is the mission of Indivisible Lambertville New Hope, a 501(c)(4) corporation, to educate, motivate and activate constituents in the work to restore, preserve and extend democratic rights for all citizens. Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope seeks to provide our communities with the resources, power, and opportunities that encourage and enable ​sustained engagement in all levels of democracy.

​Our Vision

A community where every eligible voter has the resources and ability to participate freely in an equitable democracy. 

​Our Values

Indivisible Lambertville NJ / New Hope PA holds and advocates for 12 key values: democracy, equity, inclusivity, ethics, innovation, respect, social and environmental justice, economic opportunity, education, stewardship, integrity, and truth. We are opposed to all policies that are oppressive, exclusionary, and marginalizing.  

Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope Leadership Team

Nancy Barich, Elaine Clisham, Angela Jacobs, Charmaine Jordan, Deb Kline, Elycia Lerman, Karen Mitchell, Elizabeth O’Donnell, Cindi Sternfeld

Board of Trustees

  • Elycia Lerman, President
  • Alison Levine, Vice President
  • Karen Mitchell, Treasurer
  • Elaine Clisham, Secretary
  • Sarah Powell, Susan Roop, Cindi Sternfeld, Trustees
  • Susan Shapiro, Board President Emiritus