Are you concerned about the MAGA movement’s effect on our democracy? Would your group like a proven way to persuade voters about its dangers?

Consider deep canvassing.

What is deep canvassing?
Deep canvassing is a way to engage voters emotionally, focusing on values rather than candidates. It is the most effective form of voter persuasion that’s ever been measured. You can learn more about deep canvassing here:

There are several steps to preparing someone for deep canvassing. It’s much more than traditional canvassing for a candidate. Indivisible Lambertville New Hope has put together an orientation and training program to prepare individuals for deep canvassing, and we can bring the program to your group.

How Does Deep Canvassing Training Work?
The first step is a one-day program that teaches participants what deep canvassing is and why it works. It then coaches participants through developing their own deep canvassing “story,” that they can use to engage voters on an emotional level, and it works with participants to practice an entire script.

ILNH then pairs participants with experienced deep canvassers to go out and canvass voters, after which there is a debrief to cover lessons learned and identify any additional training needs.

For participants who have been through the one-day workshop, ILNH offers additional optional Zoom-based one-on-one coaching to help refine a participant’s story.

What We Offer

  • Experienced trainers. ILNH has trained its own members and has conducted multiple deep-canvass sessions. We bring that experience to you.
  • A one-day training workshop. ILNH provides all the program content, technology,  and materials for a one-day workshop, including small-group coaching and feedback. This part of the training works best as an in-person event, and we observe all appropriate COVID protocols to keep participants as safe as possible.
  • Experienced deep canvassers to go out with your group members when they are ready to canvass. We can also create canvassing “turfs if you do not have VAN access.”
  • One-on-one coaching. After the workshop, ILNH coaches will offer additional Zoom-based one-on-one coaching with your members as they feel necessary, to hone their deep-canvassing skills.
  • Trained volunteers! At the end of the process, your group members will be ready to go out and talk to voters on a deep, emotional level about why their vote matters.

What We Ask You Provide
You know your group members and your area best, so we ask you to arrange for the following:

  • The venue. It should be large enough to accommodate 20 or so people, both as one large group and smaller breakout groups.
  • Promotion to your group members, via all your available channels. We can provide suggested language, but you know how best to reach your group members, so we rely on your expertise.
  • Registration management. Your group members sign up for the initial workshop through your usual event registration mechanism, and you let us know how many people to prepare for. You also provide on-site assistance to check people in.
  • Arrangements for food and drink. The initial workshop is an all-day event, so participants will need to know whether food will be provided, or will be available nearby, or whether they should bring their own.

If you are not able to provide these things, don’t worry! Talk to us and we will work with you to provide them.

What Does It Cost?
ILNH does not charge, but we do put out a donation jar and we ask for voluntary contributions from participants to help support this work. We are happy to split any donations between ILNH and your organization.

Want More Information?
Please contact Cindi Sternfeld ( for more information, or to arrange for a deep canvassing workshop.