Contact if interested in volunteering for any of the below!

CommitteesDescriptionTime estimate for member roles
MembershipAll: Come up with ideas to attract new members and help in planning, Reach out to past active members10 hours per month
LTELead role:Identify topics that need letters to be written and to what media outlet, assign topics to members
Member role: Suggest LTE topics, Write letters, edit other committee members’ letters
5 hours per month
Deep canvassLead role: Deliver training
Coach role: Be a story coach, be a trainer, go on deep canvass outings as an experienced partner with new canvassers
Member role: canvass!
10 hours per month
Action AlertsLead/member role: Identify rallies, protests, etc. for ILNH to become involved. Write up a blurb with all relevant info that will be pushed out on our platforms.4 hours per month
TechnologyLead: Identify content updates to website needed, new technology helpful to ILNH, coordinate technology needs for gatherings
Members: Update website, send weekly newsletter emails through everyaction, help run tech at gatherings, keep track of documents for google drive
Approx 12 hours per month
Community gatheringsLead: Identify venues, program schedule, budget, reach out to possible speakers
Members: Help with advertising event, refreshment purchase, event signage, create program, print necessary materials, create powerpoint if appl., write grants if applicable
20 hours per quarter
Postcard partiesLead role: Identify postcarding needs, obtain address lists, secure venue, coordinate with Sharon on porch10 hours per month
FundraisingLead role: identify possible fundraising opportunities (ie. swag); develop and execute fundraising communications plan (end-of-year email, etc.)
Members: Design swag and order it
5 hours a quarter
PRLead role: identify PR needs and communicate to team, identify media contacts, edit press releases
Members: write press releases and send to media outlets, photograph ILNH events
5 hours per month