GOTV PA – Lock in the Keystone State

While Pennsylvania is top of the national news with our battle against extreme gerrymandering by our state’s Republican legislature, our local elections are making headlines too: Read this piece from the New York Times!
Here’s more on what’s happening in our area:
  • Elections. The Blue Wave sweeping PA rolls in a host of great candidates for us to support.
  • 178th District Special Election on May 15th. This one-seat special election now poses a major opportunity for a Democratic candidate to break into our state legislature’s male-dominated, Republican stronghold. In fact, it has been 34 years since our district elected a Democrat,
    and we have never elected a woman! That’s why ILNH member Helen Tai, an 18-year district resident and the elected Chair of the Solebury Township Supervisors, is running to represent New Hope, Northampton, Solebury, Wrightstown, and Upper Makefield. Helen is a strong advocate for common sense gun legislation! NOTE: Independents and Republicans can also vote for Helen in the Special Election. As her button says, “Give ‘Em Helen!”
  • 10th District, PA State Senate. Lower Makefield’s Steve Santarsiero is running to fill the seat suddenly vacated by retiring Chuck McIlhinney. Until January, Steve served as Chief Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania for Environmental Protection. He has a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood PA Advocates, a strong commitment to education and gun violence prevention, and a proven commitment to public service through his many years in our local government.
  • 8th Congressional District. Brian Fitzpatrick must be having fits as he watches the energized Democrats ready to take him on in November. This is a real opportunity for all of us to see just what Democracy looks like.
Prepare yourself for this pivotal May 15th primary and check out:
Steve Bacher– Plain spoken and good humored, longtime local environmentalist and progressive activist, Steve co-founded the Bucks chapter of, advocates for renewable energy, and Bucks Action Group, battling fracking and pipeline construction.
Rachel Reddick – Bucks County native, who departed from her conservative, home schooled upbringing to join the Democratic Party, Rachel is an attorney, Navy veteran, and former advocate for victims of domestic abuse through A Woman’s Place.
Scott Wallace – With an estimable liberal heritage going back to FDR’s Administration, the self-described “patriotic millionaire” has dedicated his life to progressive causes that span the globe. A native of Bucks, the insanity of our current political situation prompted him to take on the challenge of running for Congress, returning home with his wife, Christy, a former career diplomat.
For more information, additional resources, and ways to get involved*:
Bucks County Blue: Great source for info on all races and candidates in Bucks County, including upcoming events and voter registration. (Deadline April 15!!!)
Fair Districts PA: In Pennsylvania, the main obstacle to voter equality is our extreme gerrymandering (distorting the boundaries of districts, often in peculiar ways, to weaken your opponent’s base). Fair Districts promotes legislation to place an independent citizens’ commission in charge of redistricting. NOTE: On Jan. 22, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out the state Republicans’ districting map, opening up the possibility of fairer elections and generating national coverage.
Warwick First: Site for this fledgling group in an entrenched red community. Can we flip it? Ride the Blue Wave!
Buckingham Voices: “Concerned citizens, empowered and in motion.” Active team committed to educating and empowering folks in our area.
Newtown Democrats: Newly energized by their victories in November, this organization is working to widen its reach.
Solebury Democrats: Lively, up-to-date site, with excellent content.
Indivisible: Provides a wealth of information and ready-made materials, ranging from Elections 101 to voting rights and voter suppression,voter registration, endorsement guides, and more.
SwingLeft: Nationwide organization dedicated to flipping congressional districts like ours.
Flippable: Mounting a Blue Wave tsunami across the states.
Join us and Turn Pennsylvania Blue!
*Resources and calendar of events will be updated monthly.

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