GOTV PA – Lock in the Keystone State, May Edition

Yard signs compete with new blooms for lawn space; our mailboxes are chock-a-block with candidates’ mailers; and pitches for fundraisers and donations crowd our in-boxes. The primary season is in full swing. And, with all of the excitement comes a different kind of swinging, as candidates rail against one another in full-throated, democratic competition.
While many of us feel uncomfortable with this type of conflict, wishing for everyone to “play nice”, our expectations may be unrealistic. Elections have always been a contact sport, and today’s no-holds-barred ethos makes them all the more extreme. This writer and other ILNHers have spoken to campaign staff in an effort to tone down the negative rhetoric, basically to no avail. (I was told, “That’s politics” by one.)
It may be wise for us to learn to accept the sausage-making aspects of the process and to, perhaps, view it as a means to “toughen up” our candidates to survive in the final combat with conservatives, known for their vicious and under-handed methods.
On a more positive note, we wish to acknowledge our ILNH Community for your spirit, hard work, and generosity in support of our local progressives and the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiative. You answered our clarion…
CALL TO ACTION: Wherever you live, now’s the time to organize your neighbors and community. One great way is to go on out and knock on doors. Another is to invite your friends and neighbors over for a fundraiser, be it a coffee klatch or a cocktail party. We need to get together and WIN!
Enjoy the Spring, with an afternoon of Canvassing –Check out the Turn PA Blue Canvassing Guide.
Host a Fundraiser – Our candidates need to raise a lot of dough just to compete against the GOP money machine. Turn PA Blue is looking for volunteers willing to host fundraisers for candidates in and outside their districts. It’s fun and easy and we will provide you with all the information you need to host a successful event. If you’re interested in learning more, please sign up HERE. For more information about how to host a candidate fundraiser, please check out the Turn PA Blue Fundraising Guide.
For more on elections, events, and ways to get involved, please read on…
Elections. Ride the Blue Wave into the May 15th elections! Here’s what is coming up in our area:
178th District – Upper Makefield – Special Election and Primary on May 15th.
ILNH member Helen Tai’s campaign is intelligent, ethical, and professional. A proud Democrat, Helen is dedicated to fully funding our schools and has received a Gun Sense Candidate designation, as well as an endorsement from the “Win Back Your State” PAC. Helen’s integrity has met a rabid and insidious response from her conservative opponent, Wendi Thomas. From the get-go, Thomas’s campaign has attempted to obfuscate its Republican support and blur its positions, while demonizing Helen. But, Wendi cannot hide from her own record as a member of the Council Rock school board, where she endorsed budgets cutting teachers and special education staff, while guaranteeing 3-year raises for already well-compensated administrators. Remember, Helen is running both to fill a temporarily vacant post and in the May primary for our November election. It’s confusing, true, but you need to vote for her twice. NOTE: Independents and Republicans can also vote for Helen in the Special Election. Worth repeating from our February newsletter, the one-seat Special Election poses a major opportunity to break into our State Legislature’s male-dominated, Republican stronghold. In fact, it has been 34 years since our district elected a Democrat! As her button says, “Give ‘Em Helen!”
Check out:
10th District, PA State Senate. Lower Makefield’s Steve Santarsiero is running to fill the “number one pick-up opportunity in the State Senate for Pennsylvania Democrats,” according to his website, “…making it the most important State Legislature race in the State”. Until January, Steve served as Chief Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania for Environmental Protection. He has a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood PA Advocates, a strong commitment to education, and a proven commitment to public service through his many years in our local government.
Events & Demonstrations*:
Women’s Leadership Forum, Democratic National Committee – May 17th and 18th. Washington, DC.
For more information, additional resources, and ways to get involved*:
Bucks County Blue: Great source for info on all races and candidates in Bucks, including upcoming events and voter registration.
Warwick First: Site for this fledgling group in an entrenched red community. Can we flip it? Ride the Blue Wave!
Buckingham Voices: “Concerned citizens, empowered and in motion.” Smart, active team committed to educating and empowering folks in our area.
Newtown Democrats: Newly energized by their victories in November, this organization is working to widen its reach.
Solebury Democrats: Lively, up-to-date site, with excellent content.
Indivisible: Provides a wealth of information and ready-made materials, ranging from Elections 101, Voting Rights, and Voting Suppression, Voter Registration, Endorsement Guides, and more.
SwingLeft: Nationwide organization dedicated to flipping Congressional districts like ours.
Flippable: Mounting a Blue Wave Tsunami across the states.
With the Trump administration desperate enough to recently risk a global trade war over a single PA district’s special election, we know that they will resort to extreme propaganda and dirty tricks to keep their grip on us. We call upon you to Join the Resistance and Turn PA Blue!
*Resources and calendar of events will be updated monthly.

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