GOTV NJ and PA Countdown to November 5, 2019

 Contributed by Olga Vanucci.

Are you ready to canvass to get candidates elected who share your values?
There are elections this year, in PA and NJ.  Election day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

In Bucks County this year, there are three judges up for election for the Court of Common Pleas. While these are officially non-partisan, the current bench of judges currently overwhelmingly lean Republican. The three candidates that lean Democrat are: Charissa Liller, Jessica VanderKam, Jordan Yeager.See who else is running for office in Bucks County this year:
Local Democrat organizations – find one where you live:
Sign up to canvass with Bucks Victory:
Or find a canvass near you here:

New Jersey
The entire, New Jersey Assembly is up for election this year.  In LD 16, Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman are running for re-election to the Assembly in a highly contested campaign in a swing district.  Andrew flipped the seat, which had always been Republican, in 2015, by 78 votes. Roy flipped his seat in 2017. ILNH was an active supporter of their campaign in 2017, with many hours of canvassing. Sign up here to help them win:

In addition, Hunterdon County is holding elections for Sheriff and for two Freeholders. The incumbent Sheriff and all the Freeholders are currently Republicans. Challenging Democrats include Dominick Puzio running for Sheriff, and Savet Rosenblum and Natalie Ferry running for Freeholder.  Sign up here to volunteer with Hunterdon County Dems:

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