Just the facts: Results from Getting Out the 2019 Vote

Contributed by Olga Vanucci.

Southeastern Pennsylvania county government flipped BLUE!

Among many other efforts, Turn PA Blue supporters hand-wrote and mailed over 45,000 postcards, sent over 71,000 texts to voters and volunteers, knocked on over 30,000 doors, and deployed over 150 Election Day poll greeters.

The Virginia legislature flipped BLUE!

Among many other efforts, Flippable and Swing Left knocked upwards of 88,000 doors, and wrote over 200,000 get-out-the-vote letters, and Sister District volunteers made 204,326 phone calls, sent 201,202 postcards, knocked 19,324 doors, and sent 229,687 texts.

It takes many hands and much effort to win.  Let’s gear up for 2020!

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