Keeping the Peace through the Season: When Silence is Golden

Contributed by Deb Kline.

I’ve always found a bit of disconnect that the most frenzied of season of the year plays out against a backdrop of Peace on Earth. Don’t get me wrong – there’s very much about this time of year to love, and so many things are worse than sharing a heartfelt sentiment for peace. But with the added political, environmental, immigration and other crises, we may truly struggle to find that sense of peace we so badly need.  

Yet, finding some semblance of equilibrium in the midst of all this is critical to our physical, mental and emotional health. As you schedule the parties and to-dos into your calendar, also schedule this: moments of silence. 

Not going to lie, for some, silence is the last place they’d want to be. Who hasn’t woken in the middle of the night – a perfectly fine time to spend in silence – to the wailing of anxieties, unresolved histories, and purely ridiculous concerns that disappear in the light of day? That’s why it’s even more important to carve out time every day to just unplug from it all, to reflect and restore balance. 

The physical benefits of silence are extensive, with positive impacts to the circulatory, hormone and immune systems, plus brain cell growth. Perhaps more importantly, the time you spend in silence can help provide you with the strength, insight and self-composure that enables you to survive and thrive that can also positively affect those around you.

Schedule time to do nothing. Sit or walk in nature. Gaze at a candle or fire. Sit quietly with a cup of tea, feel the warmth in your hands. Take mindful moments. Find peace. 

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