Changing the Conversation Bucks

Contributed by Deb Kline.

We know that it’s the undecided or irregular voters that can make or break the next election and put us back on the path of a democracy that’s equitable, inclusive, caring and supportive of all the people. Changing the Conversation Bucks is aimed at having discussions with those voters who may not have voted, may have voted for Trump and regretting their decision, or even those who consider themselves Republicans but don’t like the direction the country is headed under the current administration. 

These are one-to-one conversations, in which the canvasser flat out asks the voter if they had “five minutes to tell Trump what they think about the job he’s doing for them and those they care about, what would they say?” Canvassers then share a personal story about someone they care about, and subsequently asks the voter if they have a similar story. The goal is to build a relationship in which labels disappear and voters think about whether the current president is really someone who supports them, their loved ones and their values. Check out this video of Cindi Sternfeld sharing her experience from one of the recent trainings and canvassing. 

Scary? Well, somewhat. But as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something every day that scares you.” We need it for our growth and understanding, and for saving our country. The good news is that there are trainings on a monthly basis through the election. The main focus is flipping Bucks County, although the training is transferable to any location. 

Check out the Facebook page for Changing the Conversation Bucks here and sign up for notifications of upcoming trainings. 

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  1. I so appreciate the idea of Changing the Conversation (CTC) — what an antidote to the Tea Party’s narrow minded negativity! Indivisible seeks to resist Trump and his agenda, but CTC wisely recognizes that Trump’s rise to power is a symptom of a rigged system, and by listening and wisely engaging, we can all be part of the solution.

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