How Shall We Impeach Thee? Let Us Count the Ways Part IV

Contributed by Paige Barnett.

As we shook off the tryptophan induced coma, the House Intelligence Committee voted 13-9 to issue its 300-page report of the impeachment investigation findings. Released on December 3, all findings were garnered via testimony of government employees who had knowledge of the call between Trump and President Zelensky of the Ukraine. In this “perfect” call, Trump suggested withholding military aid to the Ukraine unless Zelensky agreed to launch an investigation into the Bidens, Trump’s potential 2020 campaign opponent.  

The Harvard-educated committee chairman, Adam Schiff, proved worthy of his juris doctorate by rounding out an excellent line of questioning with astute commentary and summarizations of the day.  Devin Nunes however, had nothing but Russian talking points that he excessively repeated and did nothing except further prove that Trump’s actions are indefensible. Gym Jordan demonstrated exactly why he never passed the bar.  His fist pounding and yelling was more empty bravado or rather, much ado about nothing. Lt. Col. Vindman and Fiona Hill shall go down in the history books as true patriots. Sondland, on the other hand, may be noted for saving his own hide by throwing everyone under the bus.  

The truth of the matter is, Trump’s actions re the Ukraine “perfect” call are indefensible. The Constitution and the law safeguard the American republic from such illegality and point squarely to impeachment of the <cough> president for the actions he took. As Schiff duly noted in the draft report, “In his farewell address, President George Washington warned of a moment when “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”  The report makes clear from its findings that Trump has abused his presidential powers. You can read it here: HIC Draft Report

The next round of hearings began December 4 to lay bare the information in the report. Four constitutional law experts, Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, Michael Gerhardt and Jonathan Turley, testified as to the merits of the report and why this is a case for impeachment. Dec. 4 Hearing Highlights   On Wednesday, December 5, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave the House the go-ahead to proceed with impeachment. What comes next is drafting the articles of impeachment upon which the House will vote and is likely to pass. Once the articles of impeachment pass the House, it goes to trial in the Senate. Chief Justice Roberts will preside over the Senate trial. 

Of note, are the numerous people who spent countless hours behind the scenes transcribing, drafting and editing this document for American public to read. They too, are heroic. They are the unsung heroes and deserve as much recognition as Schiff and Pelosi for their hard work and dedication. 

Again, here is WHAT YOU CAN DO.  Be ready for the RAPID RESPONSE action. On the eve of the House vote, join us in front of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s Langhorne office. Drop everything and take to the streets when the eve of the House vote is nigh. It’s imperative that we are LOUD & VISIBLE to make known that we want Trump IMPEACHED & REMOVED. More info to come!

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