Just the Facts – Unions

 Contributed by Olga Vanucci.

  • Fifty years ago, nearly a third of U.S. workers belonged to a union. Today, it’s one in 10.
  • On average, a worker covered by a union contract earns 13% more in wages.
  • Unions have transformed once-low-wage jobs in hospitality, nursing, and janitorial services into positions with living wages.
  • When the share of workers who are union members is relatively high, wages of nonunion workers are higher.
  • Union members are 18% more likely to vote in presidential elections than non-members, 43% more likely to volunteer for an election campaign, and 73-93% more likely to participate in protests.

Sources:  https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/02/23/385843576/50-years-of-shrinking-union-membership-in-one-map

and https://www.epi.org/publication/how-todays-unions-help-working-people-giving-workers-the-power-to-improve-their-jobs-and-unrig-the-economy/

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