Because Black Lives Matter – Join the fight to end systemic racism!

Lambertville and surrounding communities are predominantly white, and it is our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for unconscious discrimination and biases, and to recognize the system of privileges that has advantaged one race over others. To that end, Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope is launching an initiative to develop and promote ongoing actions that serve to end systemic racism. Several projects are already under way, with more to come. 

  • On Juneteenth, the Garden of Remembrance and Reflection was dedicated at the York Street Park on the corner of York and George Streets in Lambertville. Created by a group of local artists, the garden is a space for people  Created by a group of local artists, the garden is a space for people to to reflect on the topics of grievance
    and healing, and to contemplate how to end systemic racism. Visit the installation as it evolves through July 19th. 
  • A “Say Their Names” pledge and graphic can be downloaded and printed to hang in windows, on doors or on porches to demonstrate your active commitment to work against systemic racism. The graphic includes a QR code which, when scanned, will feature online resources such as recommended books and organizations that help support awareness and educate ourselves. 
  • The ILNH Civil Rights action group will be rolling out additional actions focused on education, artworks, local, state and federal government and legislative actions and much more over the coming months. Want to get involved? Contact MJ Legere, Shara Durkee or Cynthia Jahn

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Credit: Alexis Berends

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