ILNH Statement on the Attack of the Capitol and Electoral College Vote

We, the volunteers of Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope, are deeply saddened by the insurrection and violence last night during the ministerial process cited in our Constitution to formally declare the next President and Vice President. We were sickened by the display of white supremacy, the lack of preparation and the actions by the Capitol Police to protect our democracy from an insurrection that had been publicly called for and incited by the 45th president. 

Our work going forward has never been more clear. For the United States to truly become a nation of equals, we must work to elect officials that share the values of equality and justice for all in every level of our government. We must stay actively involved in our governance, holding officials accountable to meeting our values and needs. We must step up to run for office. We must partner with other groups to understand the needs of their constituents and to join forces  to get this work done. It was the efforts of people like Stacey Abrams and groups such as Black Voters Matter, League of Women Voters and others that turned Georgia blue and now gives Democrats control of the House, Senate and Presidency, albeit by slim margins.

It is imperative that we now reach out to our legislators first in the House, to draw up and pass articles of impeachment of Mr. Trump from office, then in the Senate to convict and remove him. He is directly responsible for last night’s insurrection. We must prevent further damage to our nation that could occur over his remaining days in office, and prevent him from ever holding office again.

We have much work to do, including remembering our own self care so we can stay strong throughout the marathon. Stay alert, stay active, but allow a moment to take a moment of breath and a sip of champagne on Jan 20th, and then turn our efforts to transforming America’s ideals into America’s reality.


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Indivisible: Impeach, Remove, and Disqualify


Washington, DC — Today, the Indivisible Project released the following statement: 

“We are calling for the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump from office, and his disqualification from holding future office.

“We simply cannot just wait for Trump to leave office as his threat level to our democracy continues to increase. The House of Representatives must draw up articles of impeachment immediately, move quickly to vote on them, and send them to the Senate for a speedy trial, where Trump must be convicted and disqualified from ever holding federal office again.

“In the wake of the coup attempt at the Capitol, Republicans must face an explicit choice as to whether or not they will fully and completely reject him, and ensure that he can never hold elected office again. Impeaching and convicting him is the first step toward reversing the tide of violence, insurrection, and white supremacist terror that he has incited, at the Capitol and beyond.” 

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