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It’s Saturday morning in the midst of the second Senate impeachment trial and as Yogi Berra might say, “it’s deja vu all over again.” Too often when putting this newsletter together I find we’re in a critical moment in our history, the outcome uncertain and I am fluctuating between words of hope and suppressing abject despair. 

This time, however, we have decent, experienced public servants and legislators in the White House and in the majority in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The verdict in this trial may be unknown at the moment, and may in fact, fall short of the outcome we know to be warranted, but the tides are changing. Unlike the tide which are a result of natural forces, however, we must continue our efforts to shore up people and policies that support the people, the environment, our country and our place as global citizens. 

How do we do this when the country is more divided than ever? Let’s say we didn’t get here overnight. It may seem a daunting task to address the inventory of all the fault lines exposed over these past four plus years, and it will take consistent, daily effort to make incremental change. 

In my good moments, I am optimistic. I see the executive orders that PRESIDENT Joe Biden has rushed through in less than a month. I see some movement on the Republican side away from the staunch party loyalty that may signal the end of the Grand OLD Party, or the beginning of something new. I see diversity becoming more than a corporate training exercise, and people researching how to have conversations that heal. I see people finding their voice, reclaiming their power and understanding their responsibility to their community, to bringing their energy, skills and talent to rebuilding our democracy on a more solid, secure foundation – one that truly is representative of equality and justice for all the people. 

As always, I’m awed by the contributions from our team of writers this month. Be sure to check all of them out, as there’s lots to consider, lots to learn and much to do. Above all, be safe, and be well – the light is returning!

Much love, 


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