Just the Facts:  Climate Opportunity

Contributed by Olga Vanucci.

  • Every $1 invested in climate action yields $4 in benefits.
  • Bold climate action could yield a direct economic gain of $26 trillion worldwide through 2030 compared with business-as-usual.
  • President Biden has said his new $2 trillion infrastructure plan will allow “transformational progress in our ability to tackle climate change” by bolstering investments in clean energy, electric vehicles and building homes resilient to threats posed by the climate crisis.
  • The THRIVE Agenda would be even bigger.  It includes as one of its eight pillars:  Averting climate and environmental catastrophe, including with new investments that will spur the largest expansion in history of clean, renewable energy, emissions reductions, climate resilience, and sustainable resource use.  The $10 trillion plan, proponents say, would create 15 million new jobs and cut emissions in half by the end of the decade.

Sources:  Climate Finance | United Nations and Biden’s $2tn infrastructure plan aims to ‘finally address climate crisis as a nation’ | Environment | The Guardian and THRIVE Agenda

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