Truth Brigade: Your Truth Sandwich for Climate Change!

Contributed by Charmaine Jordan.

Countering the rampant misinformation circulating on social media and some news networks is a real challenge these days. Research suggests humans tend to remember what they hear first and most often, so sometimes it can help to create a “truth sandwich” with your message – starting and ending with the truth. In any response, think more about highlighting the truth and focusing on the messengers’ behavior instead of repeating or debunking specific false messages. Here’s an easy formula to follow:

  • Acknowledge common ground and dislodge with truth.
  • Question the motives of the messenger.
  • Reaffirm the truth in a way that gets you to a more proactive message.

Here’s a sample truth sandwich that focuses on the environment:

In 2018, fossil fuel combustion in U.S. homes and businesses accounted for almost 9 percent of total U.S. emissions. Some people resist the critical need to make changes to lower carbon emissions and put us on the path towards 100 percent renewable energy. Such electric technologies as heat pumps, water heaters and other electric appliances like induction stoves can help America end its dependence on dirty, dangerous fossil fuels. The sooner America makes the switch, the sooner we’ll realize the benefits of cleaner and more efficient energy. #CleanEnergy

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