Action Group: Saving Democracy / Voting Rights Action Group

Action Group: Saving Democracy / Voting Rights Action Group focuses on protecting everyone’s right to vote and the integrity of voting systems, nationally but also especially in NJ and PA, and fighting all forms of voter suppression. We’ll stay informed and take action as needed regarding systemic governmental integrity issues including redistricting and gerrymandering, dark money in politics, the Electoral College, and Electoral Count Act reform Stay tuned for a Zoom meeting soon after the February 27 Community Gathering to brainstorm priorities and strategies for taking action. 


  • Reading/Podcast: Dred Scott 2.0 Robert Hubbell talks about the ramifications of the Supreme Court in staying a decision of a lower court to invalidate a redistricting map clearly drawn to marginalize the impact of Black voters. 
  • Learn more about the work of  “Updating the Electoral Count Act., which governs how electoral votes are counted. Hosted by Represent.Us New Jersey ”  Feb 19, at 11 am via Zoom. Register here 


  • The Brennan Center for Justice strives to uphold the values of democracy. We stand for equal justice and the rule of law. We work to craft and advance reforms that will make American democracy work, for all.
  • Democracy Docket is dedicated to voting rights, elections and democracy. Also follow Marc Elias on Twitter.
  • Matthew Dowd, MSNBC analyst and reporter on Saving Democracy, also on Twitter
  • Open Secrets tracks money in politics – who’s paying whom? 
  • American Promise addresses money in politics and advocating for the 28th Amendment
  • Protect Democracy

Bucks Voices informs, engages and mobilizes the Bucks County voter community to realize the ideals of democracy: a government that represents all of us and creates a progressive and just society where everyone can realize their full potential.

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