We know that when it comes to elections, people equals power, especially when there’s a strong showing from like-minded folks such as the Indivizzies. An endorsement from local and national organizations can help guide voters who are making decisions about the candidates they will support. 

This year, Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope plans to endorse candidates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who reflect our values and have exhibited a clear understanding of what it means to work “for the people.” We are only planning to endorse candidates who are running for the U.S. House and Senate, and for Pennsylvania governor.  

Typically we announce our endorsements after the primaries, which this year are May 17 in Pennsylvania and June 7 in New Jersey, unless the candidate is uncontested in the primary.  Currently three candidates are clear choices for ILNH endorsement in the November election: Josh Shapiro for governor of Pennsylvania; Tom Malinowski for NJ CD7, and Ashley Ehasz for PA CD1.  However, there is a hotly contested primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania being vacated by the retiring Pat Toomey, and so we will wait for the results of the Pennsylvania primary in order to announce our endorsement for that seat.

Endorsement by our local Indivisible organization is the first step in submitting our candidates for an endorsement by Indivisible National, which has monthly deadlines for submission. We are targeting the June 2 deadline, which is after the Pennsylvania primary, for submission of all our endorsements.  

  • Community Action: As soon as we know the results of the Pennsylvania primary, ILNH will send an email asking you to indicate your approval of our recommended candidates for both NJ and PA via a survey. Turnaround time for responses will be relatively short, since timing is tight to make our announcement between the primary and Indivisible National’s deadline. Keep a watchful eye for email and action for turnaround ~ May 19-26.

Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Can I vote to endorse a candidate that is not in my state or district? For example, can I vote for Josh Shapiro if I live in New Jersey?

Yes! Your support is critical, because losing any of our Democratically held seats anywhere is a dire threat to our democracy and our rights.

  • Can I vote to endorse a New Jersey or Pennsylvania candidate if I live in another state altogether? 

Yes. see above.

  • Why does ILNH want to endorse candidates?

As an organization, we want to publicly show support for candidates aligned with our values. We cannot afford to lose a single seat in the House or the Senate. A strong local endorsement of candidates plays a key role in how Indivisible National allocates its election resources, and we want as many of those resources as possible to be directed to our candidates in tough races. 

  • What level of response meets the threshold for an ILNH endorsement? 

We will use a simple majority count of the votes among those who respond to the survey.

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