"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

“I am an American living in a small isolated village in the south of France. I’m originally from Oregon—my family was active politically in the state (my father Robert B. Duncan was a Democratic congressman from Oregon for a number of years). I was a fervent Hillary Clinton supporter, and like so many, was devastated by the election results in November. Today I wanted somehow to share in the protests around the world but I am far from any city where people are marching. So I decided to do a one-woman march through my village. Fortunately my photographer husband followed me so my solitary march could be recorded.”

This is Nancy and she lives in France. I’m wondering how many of us are reading this now wishing we lived in France with Nancy. After this weeks events, I’ve considered what living in another country would mean for me and my family. Of course, at least not today, I’m not leaving the country.

So we are left with Resisting until impeachment or mid-term elections-whichever comes first. We will be challenged to keep motivated, energized and focused. By now we’ve realized this is a marathon, not a sprint. We are going to feel the sting of losing, often.
My hope is we relish in the victories and use them to fuel us for the next fight. I firmly believe that one of the benefits of belonging to a Resistance group like Indivisible is that when some members are losing faith, the other members are there to lift their brothers and sisters up.

These past few days have been another roller coaster ride for the country. As I write this, an appeals court has upheld the stay on Agent Orange’s Muslim Ban. Good news, though temporary-I am hoping it sends him over the edge.

Elizabeth Warren was basically shushed by Bitch McTurtle while she was reading a letter written by Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Sessions and his history of racist acts. While this felt like he was shushing all of us, it did give us an amazing new rally cry and possible campaign slogan for Liz-so there. It also elevated her to the level of full blown hero in my eyes, especially after watching her read the letter out in the hallway on Facebook live!

Go Liz, Go!

There’s more good news! (How can that be, you ask?). On February 1 the Lower Bucks Indivisible group had their first meeting. They were expecting about 50 people to show up at a local pizzeria. Three hundred residents came to the meeting! The meeting had to be re-located to a larger space! More and more Indivisible groups are forming, and at last count there were 6,000 groups registered with IndivisibleGuide. So while the struggle seems very real, a small army is forming, and we’re not goin’ anywhere!

I have begun following Indivisible groups on Twitter. One woman tweeted they were starting out with three people in their Indivisible group! More power to ’em! If their experience is anything like ours has been, I’m sure they will have steadily increasing numbers at their meetings.

This picture is from our first group meeting and our second one. We do not have official numbers, but you can see there’s a significant increase in activists here!

Its going to be a slow, steady, up hill climb. We need to rely on each others strengths and skills during this time. In addition, we need to ask for help. Reach out when you’re exhausted and don’t think you can resist another day. (Take a day off from Resisting if you need to-it’ll be here when you get back). Do not be afraid to call on a new friend you met at a meeting, it is likely they need some encouragement as well.

I had seen the post about Nancy, the solitary marcher, and wanted to share it here. It took some time and effort to find it again. While I was looking and googling “march” I was taken back to January 21 of this year. So many posts, photos and stories about the men and women that marched that day, in this country and around the world.

March on! This is the story of 15 women that marched from a small population of 65 people in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia. Check out their story, it will renew your spirit!

If you’re feeling deflated, I highly recommend you just google “photos from women’s march”. You’ll see large and small groups, groups from other countries, some really creative signs-and you’ll remember how you felt that day. I was reminded of the excitement of the day, and the determination I felt in my very soul. We must keep that fire burning within if we’re going to resist for 4 years. (God Forbid)!

So I say to you, remember Nancy the solitary marcher, the 15 women marching in their village, the 3 women starting an Indivisible group in Wisconsin-if they can do it, so can we!

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