Say this/Not that

Contributed by Liza Watson.

Don’t argue. Arguing will only reinforce “their” position and set up defensiveness. Instead, use a personal experience that diffuses the fire.

Someone says, “Evolution is just a theory.”

Say This:  I loved watching the super blood wolf moon eclipse in January.  I was glad that theory let astronomers predict it, so I could go out on that cold night to witness it.

Not this: Evolution is not just a theory.  It is a concept with probability on its side.

Someone says, “Government should get out of our lives.”

Say This: The National Weather Service forecasts saved my family members from California mudslides and Houston hurricanes.

Not This:  If you think government should get out of our lives, then you should believe it should bug off about my reproductive rights.

Someone says, “Don’t take away my guns.  I have a right to them.”

Say this: I watched an old western about Tombstone AZ – Marshall Earp required visitors to disarm when they came into town.  It was the town law.

Not this: More people with guns makes me less safe, not more safe.

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