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Environment Action Group: ILNH joined several other environmental groups to sign a letter to the governors of Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania calling for stringent review of the PennEast Pipeline project, saying that the application for PennEast to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) do not demonstrate that the pipeline meets the requirements of law. Subsequently, Governor Phil Murphy announced his support for a full fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin and issued a letter to the DRBC expressing his position that proposed rules should be amended to ban all fracking activity, including the import, treatment, and discharge of fracking wastewater.

“The ILNH Environment Team has always supported a complete fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin and will continue to work alongside activists, NGO’s and our state to ensure our river basin is untouched by the environmental and public health dangers of fracking,” said Liz Peer, ILNH Environment team lead. “We thank Governor Murphy for his leadership on this important matter.”

During our first Facebook Live meeting back in January we talked about the new SpringBoard Meetings that are being planned for deeper dive education and activism on specific topics. We’re looking forward to the first of the series with Civil Rights taking the lead on Mass Incarceration. Look for more information about the expert, date and location on the ILNH Facebook page. And BTW, if you’re interested in being a Coordinator or Activator for a particular topic, see Sarah Gold or Maddy Berlin.

Meet the ILNH Board: Did you know that Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope has a Board in addition to our Operating Team? The Board oversees the ILNH activities to ensure that they fall within our vision, mission and values. Less sexy, but more importantly, the board is accountable for making sure that activities stay within the scope of a 501(c)(4) organization so that we maintain our non-profit status. In addition, the board is responsible for certain state and federal filings, and carefully tracks finances, etc. They also work with professionals to ensure accountability for legal requirements and responsibilities pertaining to our non-profit status.  Current Board members include Susan Shapiro, Mark Zenkus, Elaine Clisham, Elycia Lerman, Karen Mitchell and Cindi Sternfeld. Positions on the Board are held for two years, and can be served in succession

Census 2020: Ensuring accuracy – The Complete Count Commission will hold the second Public Meeting of the Census 2020 New Jersey on Wednesday, February 20th at the Passaic County Community College’s Main Campus Auditorium in Paterson. The goal of the Complete Count Commission is to encourage full participation in the census to ensure an accurate and complete count of New Jersey’s population. An accurate count is critical to how we are represented in government and is directly related to the amount of federal funding that will flow into New Jersey annually. We want to make sure that we receive our fair share.

An important core component of this process will involve the organizing and asking the help of advocacy groups and everyday people a sustained campaign within our communities aimed at attaining the highest possible Census response rate. This is an All New Jersey project and its success will very much be determined by on the ground community advocacy and participation.

If you plan to attend, are interested in attending, or would like to provide testimony, please respond at this link:

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