What Comes Next in an Uncertain World

Contributed by Deb Kline.

One of the difficulties in putting together a monthly newsletter is that just as you declare the deadline, important news floods into the gap between then and distribution. On Friday, we woke to find the US had taken aggressive action in the assasination of Iran’s top general, Qassem Suleimani. Suleimani, a man previously unknown to the majority of Americans, was known to the intelligence community and others as masterminding many attacks across the Middle East, resulting in hundreds of deaths.  

According to the administration, the assassination prevented an imminent attack on Americans. However, our own intelligence community and others have said the evidence of such an attack was “razor thin,” and in fact, was offered as a far-out option in retaliation for the attack on the US Embassy in Iraq, in expectation that the other options would look better and more measured. 

The timing couldn’t be more suspect. As the negative news of the president’s holding of the Ukraine military funds ratcheted up, and more Americans stepped into the Impeach and Remove camp, suddenly we are on the brink of war with a country that only a few short years ago it seemed we were reducing the potential for armed conflict. 

Once again we are heartbroken and angry. Some of our troops are already being sent to the region. The inept, corrupt, manipulative baby-man in the White House has delivered what we most feared. 

What comes next from the administration and now, our enemies in the  Middle East remains to be seen. But, you and I cannot wait to take action. Just as we did after the 2016 Election, it’s now more important than ever to call our legislators, to stand with those who oppose war and gather together in support of each other.  

Remember the name of our organization: Indivisible. We are together in this fight. If you are in despair – and who isn’t – join us as we lock arms and take action. Together, we are stronger.  

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