Environmental Art Show to Bring Attention to Climate Crisis

Do you want to get inspired about the environment? Then check out Love Mother Earth 2020, an environmental art and performance show on Saturday Feb. 29 from 12 – 5 p.m. at Prallsville Mills in Stockton.

A joint venture between Indivisible and the Sunrise chapters of Hunterdon and Lambertville, the show will feature local artists in any medium, poets and performers whose topics are based around the environment. The exhibit will include traditional visual arts such as drawings, paintings, and sculpture, as well as song, dance, poetry and spoken word.

More than twenty artists have already committed to the show. More are encouraged to participate. The deadline to submit an application to participate is Feb. 15.

Volunteers are needed for set up on Friday, Feb. 28, parking during the event, and clean up on Sunday, March 1. If you are available and able to help, please sign up here:

Sunrise Movement is a youth organization to end the climate crisis and advocate for the Green New Deal. The Hunterdon and Lambertville chapters, called hubs, are part of an international organization.

More information about the exhibit:

The exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information and to sign up to attend, click here:

If you are interested in participating as an artist or performer, please apply here: 

Environmental or youth organizations are invited to have a table at this event.  Please apply here:

Did You See This? New York Times Covers Change the Conversation Bucks!

Several of ILNH’s leadership team were captured and quoted in a recent NYTimes article that covered Change the Conversation Together and a recently held training and canvassing in Bucks County. In To Sway Swing Voters, Try Empathy, by Michael Massing, Cindi Sternfeld is quoted, Susan Shapiro and Elycia Lerman are in the photos. The piece has already heightened interest and attracted more people who want to join the cause. How about you? 

Meet ILNH’s new co-Treasurer John Woods

I started hanging around Indivisible LNH about a year and a half ago. I’m a 73 year old retired gay guy who worked in Human Services for many years. After the 2016 election results and what began to emerge, I became really worried about what was happening in our country. Our values as a democracy were under attack by super wealthy white guys who seemed to only care about money and power, no matter what. So I attended a couple of ILNH Community Meetings, got hooked up with a canvassing team before the 2018 elections, canvassed in Hunterdon and Bucks counties. I got involved early with Change the Conversation, a really unique way of connecting with potential voters. I got on the ILNH Slack site and began to be part of planning and feedback around various issues. 

My experience with ILNH to date has been fantastic. I’ve been part of many kinds of organizations over my lifetime and I have never seen one with such constant, organic-like, communications that are so effective at accomplishing many objectives. I asked if there were other things I could do. The next day I was asked to help as an organization treasurer. Admittedly, I’m a bit overwhelmed at learning the specifics of the job, but feel great to be helping in an important way. Whether you are a joiner, a hermit, an angry citizen, shy, not a people person or whatever. . .there is an important place for you here, where you can make a difference in getting our democracy and values back. 

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