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Whew. After the whirlwind of two political conventions, I’m both energized and outraged and I’m sure I don’t have to say why. We continue to be reminded why we started down this path almost four years ago, and feel even more strongly that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the antidote to the diseased version of Democracy offered by the current administration. I’ve taken to counting the Biden/Harris signs on my daily treks, and am heartened that they are outpacing those for Trump – at least in Hunterdon, a traditionally red county. But that doesn’t hold true everywhere, and so we need everyone to put their pedal to the GOTV metal with all the gas you have in the tank as we propel into Election Day. 

This month, there’s a wealth of content from new and occasional contributors as well as seasoned staff. Be sure to read Michelle Harris’ experience as an expat voting from abroad and then as a newbie poll worker, plus another piece on what you can do to get involved to help this year’s voting process. Cindi Sternfeld and Sarah Gold give a nod to Labor Day, with articles on how the pandemic calls us to prepare for the changing workplace, and the value of unions and minimum wage – even as both decline. Amara Willey sees both conventions as asking us to call on our better angels, (although I may offer a reminder that Lucifer was an angel of a darker nature). Great stuff and I am extremely grateful for their efforts and perspectives. 

Roll up your sleeves, Indivizzies, GOTV needs you! Be sure to post your GOTV hours in the spreadsheet on the website. Olga is tracking against our goal. And come to Sunday’s September Community Gathering – I need to see your faces!

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