Truth Brigade: Raising the Minimum Wage

Take this Truth Sandwich about raising the minimum wage to your social media channels, talk to your neighbors and community, write letters to the editor:

Truth: Raising the minimum wage pays both economic and social dividends, as people have more buying power and higher wages directly affects the mental and physical health of the worker and their family. 

Opposition: Opponents of an increased minimum wage say it will result in fewer jobs as businesses can’t afford to pay higher rates, or that minimum wage only affects teenagers who live at home. 

Truth: In reality, 28 percent of the American workforce earn the current $7.25/hour minimum wage. Studies have shown that higher wages have not resulted in job losses, and the cost to the business is offset by a more stable, happier worker.

Action: Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour is long overdue and needs to be enacted now!


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