After the Screaming Stops

There is urgency in this moment, an urgency rising out of anger, frustration, fear. Protests, marches and rallies occur on a daily basis. Petitions to expand the court, solicitations to support organizations and candidates who propose to counter reactionary rulings flood inboxes and social media. Again, we scream at the injustices of the justices who determine fates that SHOULD NOT be within their purview, who determine which citizens are eligible for which rights. 

We scream because a pregnant 10-year old was denied an abortion in her home state. We scream because guns have more rights than their potential victims. We scream because more than half of the population of the US have been relegated to second-class citizens in more than half of the states, their right to privacy nullified and reproductive health pre-determined. 

We scream for our planet, because despite the Doomsday Clock being 100 seconds until midnight, five Supreme Court Injustices decided to minimize the ability of experts to determine the rules and regulations to protect our air. We scream for the generations who came before us, that their fight wasn’t in vain, and for the generations to follow.

We ask, “What are we going to do?  What’s the right action, the right message, the right direction to take? We need a place to put our outrage, our fear and our hope. We need our community, our people and connections to feel less alone, less powerless. 

As Elizabeth Warren would say, “here’s the thing…” We know what to do. We know there are people and organizations already working to protect the rights and freedoms at risk. [List organizations and people to support]. We know we need to give them our support. 

As an organization, Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope focuses on three areas: Saving Democracy/Voting Rights, Getting Out the Vote, and Fighting Disinformation. (link to earlier blog announcing three areas). 

Our commitment is to do what we can to empower our constituents/members to turn your screams into meaningful outcomes. For us, that means that we work to get everyone, and we mean everyone, actively participating in electing candidates who represent our values in what will be one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime. 

In 2018, ILNH ousted a legacy Republican Congressman to help elect Tom Malinowski against most odds. In 2020, we did it again and with the combined efforts of Indivisibles, MoveOn and other like-minded organizations, elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

In 2022, we need to shore those who will fight for the rights and freedoms for all in the U.S. House and Senate, and Pennsylvania. 

Once again, ILNH will be here to help educate, motivate and activate our people through events, gatherings, information and opportunities to elect those who will defend Democracy and understand that all people deserve equal rights. Keep checking our website for upcoming gatherings, important voter information and candidate canvassing opportunities.

Bring your outrage, fear and hope, your shoe leather, pens and postcards. Now is the time we need to get busy. Because what happens after the screaming stops depends on you.

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