Actions Speak Louder Than… Wringing Your Hands

Several of you have reached out to us asking, “WHAT ARE WE DOING?”  While this feels like a WE moment, remember that WE are made up of each of us as individuals. That means you have a role to play. Right now, ask yourself, “WHAT AM I DOING?” More specifically, what can I do that will make a difference?   

The response to what you can do is not particularly sexy or flashy, but we are encouraging them anyway because we believe, wholeheartedly, that they are our best chance. All of these are ways that you can give meaning to your anger and frustration. In truth, we have been training for this moment for the past five years: 

  • You’ve learned how to call your elected representatives, demand action and ask the hard questions – DO THAT NOW.   
  • You’ve learned how to use postcards to activate voters – DO THAT NOW.
  • You’ve learned how to use ResistBot to reach out to your representatives – DO THAT NOW.
  • You’ve learned how to phone bank to voters.  Sign up with a campaign – DO THAT NOW.
  • You’ve learned how to use the MoveON texting program – DO THAT NOW.
  • You’ve learned how to be vocal on social media – DO THAT NOW.
  • You’ve learned how to CANVASS voters at their homes – for all that is good and holy, DO THAT NOW ????????

To what end will we take these actions?  We got here because the other side has been laser-focused on this for 50 years, regardless of how it might have hurt them otherwise.  Here is how WE can be laser focused in our response: 

  1. Ensure that:
    1.  Roe gets codified at the federal level (and in Pennsylvania)
    2.  Our agencies are allowed to enact environmental regulations that protect the planet
    3.  The Supreme Court is a body that reflects and respects the majority of our nation
  2. That means we must reform the filibuster, or get an exception for: 
    1. Roe 
    2. Expanding the Supreme Court
  3. Which means we need to: 
    1. Keep every Senate seat we have and elect at least two more who will support reforming the filibuster (Pennsylvania, lookin’ at you)
    2. Keeping and expanding the House, so we can get legislation passed to codify Roe and empower our agencies

To accomplish any of this, elections are critical. We need to work every day to make sure that voters have convenient, unrestricted access to their ballots, and to elect representatives, senators, and governors who will put a stop to this nonsense.

For the ILNH part, here is what we are doing to help make that happen: 

  1. We are scheduling canvass training events for those who are hesitant about getting out and knocking on doors. We’ll give you the info, skills and confidence, plus access to seasoned canvassers willing to partner with you. 
  2. We are fielding teams to canvass for our endorsed candidates, Tom Malinowski, Ashley Ehasz, John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro. We aim to be out there every weekend between now and Election Day. We are posting opportunities for these candidates on our website here. Sign up if you want to be part of a team here.
  3. If you are unable to canvass, make calls or write postcards. We’ll also be posting some of these events on our website. There’s enough work for everyone, and everyone is needed. 
  4. We are working with other organizations on a New Jersey statewide coalition of Indivisible groups to build power with our elected representatives. Our goal is to have regular calls with Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez on these critical issues, to be sure they are aware of our outrage, and to find out from them what we can do locally to advance this agenda.
  5. We are connected with Indivisible Bucks and the Indivisible National’s Give No Ground Campaign.  

That’s some of what we’re doing. Do you have something you want to do? Let us know! ( This is the time for all hands on deck, so if you have an idea that will help get candidates elected who can protect our democracy, we want you to be able to implement it! Talk to us, and let’s see how much power we can build together.

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