The New Indivisible 2.0 Guides – A Must Read!

Contributed by Alison Levine.

Have you read the new Indivisible guides? Maybe you meant to, but then Thanksgiving happened, and now there are all these holidays coming up, and well, life just got in the way. The good news is these guides are really easy to read. They tell us not only what we can do now that Indivisible can go on offense, but HOW to do it. If you are feeling frustrated, confused, and like you want to do something (and really, aren’t we all?) these quick reading guides are the answer.

We took back the House! So, what does that mean? Indivisible on Offense lays out the tools available to Democrats in the House and what we can do to make sure they uphold our values. These tools are: agenda setting power, legislative offense, oversight & investigations, and of course keeping up a good defense. Even better the guide clearly defines these tools and lays out how to use them (our go to 7 tactics are:  district office visits, phone calls, earned media, town halls, statewide Indivisible statements, letters to the editor, and op-eds). There are clear, simple definitions of each tool and step by step advice for using each tactic. Check out the summary (and once you get started you just may find yourself reading the whole guide).

We’ve heard it over and over, Republicans amassed a lot of power by laying the groundwork at the state level. We need to level the playing field, and the Indivisible States guide tells us how to do that. Each state is different, and it can feel a bit overwhelming for a group like ours, that operates in both NJ and PA. Happily for us, the States Guide gives clear advice on how to get oriented and get active on the state level. The guide shows us how to prioritize state issues, work the state committee process, and build coalitions with other state groups to multiply our impact. Read the “quick and dirty” summary and see for yourself.

ILNH is working to incorporate the lessons from these new guides into our plans going forward. We want to make it easy for people to plug in and take action. These guides will be our roadmap, we look forward to taking the journey with you.

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